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Update on Coronavirus (Covid-19)

In the light of the current Coronavirus pandemic, we want to update you on how this is affecting our business and what this means for our customers. 

We are doing our very best to carry on as normal and continue to send out our flowers to keep people's spirits up during these difficult time. We are still selling, so please continue to support us and buy our flowers! We will keep our site updated with any changes. 

Delivery times

Due to possible delays and disruptions in the UK postal service, it may take longer than normal for your flowers to be delivered. We are currently estimating 2 weeks from ordering to delivery, but will continue to work hard to get your flowers dispatched as quickly as we can. If you are ordering flowers for a special event or date, please let us know and we'll do our very best to meet your deadlines!

Bespoke orders

At the moment we are finding it difficult to source some maps and books, so we are currently not able to take orders for bespoke map and book page flowers (this is why you don't see these products on our site any more). We get our books and maps from charity shops, car boot sales, donations and second hand online purchases, all of which are currently unavailable or slower than normal. We hope to be able to get those products back up and running shortly once we can be more confident in our supplies. For the moment, if there is a book or map rose you'd like, please contact us as we might have it in stock already, in which case we'd be happy to make it for you. You can still order bespoke music roses, as well as all our other great products. 

Overseas orders

Unfortunately, we have had to suspend overseas orders and currently are only able to ship to the UK. This is due to disruptions and suspensions to the postal service to many overseas destinations. We will resume overseas delivery as soon as we can and it is safe to do so. 

Keeping our staff and customers safe

We have put in place extra measures to ensure hygiene and safety, including additional handwashing and disinfecting workstations to make sure our flowers are made in safe and hygienic conditions. 

The flowers are transported via the postal service, so could be handled by several people on their journey to you. Particularly if you, or the person you are ordering them for, is vulnerable, you may like to consider cleaning the outside of the box before bringing them into your home, and washing your hands after unpacking the flowers. 

Reducing isolation and supporting key workers

We know that self-isolation can be a very difficult time and the reduced social contact can be a struggle, especially for people who live alone. 


We would love it if our flowers can bring a little bit of cheer to someone who is finding it tough, or working hard to keep the rest of us safe. If you are sending flowers to someone who is having to self isolate (including buying them for yourself!), or to a keyworker supporting the coronavirus response, please enter the code SMILE at the checkout and we will give you free shipping. 

We find that making flowers is a really relaxing and creative activity and we'd love to share it with you. We are currently working on some ideas for simple DIY flower making activities that adults and children can do to keep happy if you're having to stay home. We'll post these on our website and social media in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for them!

Continuing to support our staff

As a social enterprise, our social purpose is to create employment for women who have experienced domestic abuse, which offers vital income, financial independence and confidence. As the wedding and corporate event side of our business has been severely affected by Covid-19, we have had to place some of our makers on furlough leave. This means they benefit from the government wage support scheme, and we top up their pay to make sure that everyone receives 100% of their normal pay cheque each month. As soon as sales go back to normal, we plan to get everyone back to work as quickly as we can. Until then we are checking in regularly on all our makers and encouraging people to use this time for training and career skills development where they can. We are grateful to all our customers for your support and for continuing to buy our flowers, so that we can support our makers. 

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