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We are proud to collaborate with Standing Together's Blooming Strong Campaign, which celebrates the strength of women survivors of domestic abuse. This limited edition purple spray of flowers is a way to tell any woman in your life how strong you think she is, and raise awareness of domestic abuse. 


Co-designed with domestic abuse charity Standing Together, these special flowers are made with the lyrics to Helen Reddy's feminist anthem I Am Woman, and in campaign colours inspired by the suffragette movement. It really is a gift packed with meaning! For 2023, Standing Together reached out to Page & Bloom to produce this year's flower, which is made by our employees and trainees who are rebuilidng their lives after domestic abuse.  


Coinciding with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on 25 November, Blooming Strong highlights the strength that women show either by surviving in an abusive relationship, continuing to get through each day despite the abuse, or leaving a relationship and starting out again, often with no more than they can carry.


The flowers will be delivered to the recipient shortly before 25 November, with a personalised gift message. If you prefer, we can send them to you earlier so you can give them to your friends or colleagues on the day. 


We also offer discounted packs of 10 flowers, for organisations or groups wishing to gift flowers to their members. 


10% of the sale price of each flower will be donated to Standing Together to support their work bringing communities together to end domestic abuse. 

Blooming Strong Flower

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