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We created this bouquet this year for International Women’s Day, celebrating standing out and taking up space  with these bold blooms in our favourite bright colours. But, we want to celebrate the incredible women in our lives all year round! Why not buy a bunch for that friend or family member who always inspires you to be exactly who you are?


The flowers will be made from pages of books by women who have changed the world with their trailblazing acts, or those who inspire our team to be different in our day-to-day lives, including Malala Yousafzai, Angela Davis &  Oprah Winfrey! 


The flowers come wrapped in brown paper, with a matching ribbon and gift tag. 


Or why not add a handmade paper vase to your order to make a special gift? Each one is handmade from recycled paper card, with a stylish folded design. The small size, measuring 15cm high by 6cm diameter at the top, is recommended for this bouquet. 

Celebrating Women Bouquet

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