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Reinventing floristry with hand crafted paper flowers, sustainably designed from preloved books, maps and paper.


Supporting women who are rebuilding their lives after domestic abuse. 

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About our flowers

Our paper flowers are a different approach to floristy. Each bloom is hand crafted from maps, books, music notes and other paper that we salvage and recycle. We hand dye the paper to create a vibrant palette of colours while still allowing the beauty of the paper shine through. So each of our paper roses, lilies and foliage come with its own unique story. 

As well as making beautiful, sustainable products, we also have a social purpose. We employ women who have experience domestic abuse, helping them rebuild their lives and create new stories. 

As well as our range of individual paper flowers and paper flower bouquets for all occasions, we also offer a bespoke design service. If you would like us to use a book, map or type of paper that is special to you, or if you're looking for paper wedding or event flowers, please contact us. We'd love to help!

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