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Our paper flowers make perfect personalised gifts for anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions, that someone will treasure forever. 

Bespoke orders


We offer a bespoke flower service, where we will hand make you a paper bloom or a paper flower bouquet from a book, map or other type of paper that is meaningful to you. For example, how about a map flower made from the town where you met your partner on holiday? Or a bouquet of roses made from a favourite novel? 

We can source special paper for you, or you can send us the paper you'd like transformed into flowers. 

Below you can purchase bespoke roses directly through our website, made from a book, map or piece of music of your choice. You can choose different colours and can select a single rose in a git box, or bouquets of different sizes.


For other types of flowers, or to discuss your ideas, plus contact us.

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