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Jayne's Frankenstein Paper Flower Wedding

Find out more about how Jayne's multicoloured paper wedding flowers made her wedding unique and memorable!

At Page & Bloom, we feel blessed to be a part of so many sustainable, unique and unusual weddings! Sat in our homes or in the studio, it’s amazing to know that what we’re creating will be a part of this special day in a couple’s life. It’s a real privilege! But, we don’t always know why a couple have chosen us for their flowers, or how it actually looked on the day - not just flowers in boxes in our studio, but with the suits and the dresses and the smiling faces! So when Jayne sent us over absolutely stunning pictures of her wedding, we jumped at the chance to ask her more!


Why did you choose to have paper flowers for your wedding?

Reading has always been a big part of my life - I'm known within my groups of friends and family to be an avid reader, and I knew I wanted to incorporate my love of books somehow into my wedding, so when I found Page & Bloom I was so excited - the fact that the company provides opportunities and fair wages to women who have been affected by domestic abuse was also a massive bonus.

We were actually so impressed with the initial bridal bouquet that I came back and ordered more for all my bridesmaids - the team were amazing at creating similar bouquets in complementary autumnal colours - they looked incredible!

What would you say to someone who might be hesitating about whether or not to get paper flowers?

Wedding costs can seem daunting, but these flowers will last forever - I was

so impressed with the variety of different types of flowers that the teams could also create, and the fact they are all handmade and painted means you are only limited by your imagination as you could choose your own colour schemes/flowers!

"Wedding costs can seem daunting, but these flowers will last forever"

What did the flowers mean to you on the day? What did your friends & family make of them?

My flowers were made from copies of my favourite book of all time - Frankenstein. I introduced my (now) husband to the book early on when we were dating and he also came to love it - it was really special having his button-hole made out of the same copy of the book - it meant so much to have such a personalised 'touch' which was unique to us as a couple.

We had so many compliments from people at the wedding who understood how special they were - the bridesmaids love that they can keep their bouquets forever, and we even ordered mini-versions for the mums as a keepsake which they were so touched by.

Where are your flowers now?

In a a vase next on my bedside table - they brighten up the room!


Thanks so much to Jayne for sharing her experience! We’re so pleased that we helped you to create a cost-effective wedding that celebrates your love of books, and we’re even more pleased that your flowers are still being enjoyed today!

Photography: Charlotte at Captured Life Photography


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