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Our Social Purpose, and the Fabulous Women Behind Our Flowers

Whilst we may be a paper flower making company, we're not all about blooms and paper. As a social enterprise, we were established to provide employment opportunities to women affected by domestic abuse.

The women who work with us come to Page & Bloom with little to no knowledge of making paper flowers, and yet within weeks they are creating beautiful blooms like pros, and they are the reason for all those gorgeous flowers arriving on your doorstep. But whilst we love their paper flower making abilities, we also know that our employees and trainees are more than just flower makers. They are more than women affected by domestic abuse, and we want to take a moment to highlight the women behind our blooms.

Our Team

If you've visited our team page, you'll know that we don't show our faces as some of our team can't due to safety reasons, but we hope the collage below gives you an idea! We ask every woman who joins our team to pick a flower that she feels drawn to, that says something about her or her role at Page & Bloom and as you can see we're a pretty varied bunch!

Not Just About Those Paper Flowers

But we're not just about paper flowers. The women who form our team are also poets, dancers, mums, sisters, friends, volunteers, chefs, writers, nature lovers, singers, readers, musicians and so much more. And it is this we want to highlight so that the next time you buy our flowers, you know you're not just putting money into some big corporation, you're directly supporting the fabulous women who form our creative, friendly, warm and diverse team!

Learn More

If you want to find out more about our social purpose, you can read our About Us page, or take a look at our other blog post What's It Like to Work With Us?

Shop Our Full Collection

And of course, the paper flowers! You can shop our full range and get those blooms in time for Christmas here!

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