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Meet The Team

Here at Page & Bloom we are led by amazing individuals who each bring something unique to the team. All of our employees are women, many with lived experience of domestic abuse. So, instead of photos of each of our team's faces, we asked each member of our team to find a creative way to represent themselves and their work with us. 

* Please note that some names have been changed to safeguard our team members.


Want to join our team?

Our training programme opens several times a year for women with lived experience of domestic abuse to join and gain skills and work experience for future employment.


If you would like to access our training programme, we accept referrals from organisations that support women who have experienced domestic abuse. You can find out more about what we offer here, or you can email us or further information. 


We also advertise any current vacancies for full-time or part-time jobs we have here.

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