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Corporate Event Flowers: Sustainable Flowers for Sustainable Companies

Environmentally Friendly Paper Flowers for Corporate Events: A Q&A with The Food Foundation

We pride ourselves on providing high quality and unique paper flowers for corporate events and this week we are delighted to welcome Roz, Events Manager from The Food Foundation who recently ordered some paper flower bouquets and gift bags for their Peas Please Awards. She kindly agreed to participate in a quick Q&A with to talk about working with social enterprises and 'walking the talk' on sustainable events.

Can you tell us a bit about the Peas Please Awards?

The Peas Please Awards are all about making a pledge for more veg. We have a group of businesses, caterers and retailers who have taken the pledge to serve more veg. The prizes recognise the work they’ve done over the previous year and we have 7 different categories. It's to recognise work above and beyond and that is leading the way in transforming

businesses to drive up veg consumption.

Why did you choose Page & Bloom?

I came across you (Page & Bloom ) via Instagram and I thought what a brilliant idea to have sustainable flowers. You are also local to me and at The Food Foundation we aim to use local suppliers wherever possible. We were also keen to support you as a social enterprise who work with women who have suffered from domestic abuse, and wanted to feel we could contribute and put our money to a good cause in terms of the opportunities and initiatives you are providing and continue the support.

How did it help engage your customers/partners/clients?

Visually at the event it was stunning as all on display and people loved looking at them! The fact they were made from our annual reports meant that they were so unique.

It definitely engaged people as it was unusual it wasn’t as regular bottle of wine or normal bunch of flowers; the thought that had gone into them, particularly as they were made from our reports resonated with them. They were well received and great for photos!

Did you receive any feedback from the bouquet winners?

They thought they were beautifully packaged and presented. When people received them it was such a treat to open them with all the boxes all the tissue papers. We do try and do unusual prizes, and always trying to give things that have some meaning and beautiful and useful at the same time and your flowers fit the brief perfectly!

How does using social enterprises in your supply chain tie in with the social mission of the Food Foundation?

When we work with social enterprises like you, we absolutely walk the talk! Reaching out locally is also really important in terms of sustainability. And we're both working on various social impact issues and I think when we are looking for suppliers we are always looking for organisations, with similar values and missions.

How did you find collaborating with Page & Bloom during the paper flower design process?

Straightforward and easy! I had a brief phone call with Rosie who talked through options sent photos and quotes. I then brought the reports into the studio, met the team and saw the operation in progress which was really interesting. The process was really straightforward seamless and it was an absolute pleasure to work with you all.

What was your favourite flower?

Sweet peas and peonies, I think... they were all gorgeous! The sweet peas were so stunning and cute. With the peonies I loved the frilly middle! And the poppies - the colour contrast with the red and black was absolutely stunning.

What will you/ the winners do with your flowers now?

The winners have all of theirs and we have some at the office that we will use at future events as decoration, it means we don’t have to buy [real] flowers every time that won't last. Now we have a ready made centre piece for the top table at any of our events!

Is there anything you would say to anyone thinking of using paper flowers for their corporate events?

Think outside the box in terms of the paper you use for the flowers. You can incorporate your brand - talk to Page & Bloom to see if there's a way you can incorporate a personal touch into the manufacturing of the flowers to make them unique to your company. There are so many different things we could have made our flowers from. My initial ideas for our paper flowers including using the veg packaging, gardening magazines...and then we thought it'd be brilliant to make them out of our reports!

Anything else you’d like to add?

It was a real pleasure really enjoyed working with you all and will be back in touch with another flower brief in future!

About The Food Foundation

The Food Foundation are a registered charity working in partnership with researchers, campaigners, community bodies, industry, Government and citizens to promote and work towards a sustainable food system which delivers health and wellbeing for all. You can find out more about their work here.

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