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Why social enterprises are the perfect partners for corporate gifting

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

We all know that a token of appreciation can go a long way - and the workplace is no different! Much more than simply a business nicety, corporate gifting is a smart strategy for building relationships and goodwill with both clients and team members alike.

Practical, personal, and with a social message too, Page & Bloom’s paper flowers make great corporate gifts, whatever the occasion. Read on to find out why - and how the right approach to corporate gifting can bring value, trust, and respect to every business relationship!

Why Employee Corporate Gifting?

Without a doubt, people are companies’ most valuable asset. Because a happy team is a productive team, making sure staff feel valued and respected is good for everyone concerned…

This is where corporate gifting comes in!

According to 2017 research by US-based staffing firm, OfficeTeam, almost two-thirds of workers surveyed stated they'd probably leave their job if they didn't feel appreciated. Now, although hardly surprising, it’s valuable intel for companies everywhere. Why? Because high staff turnover can have a huge impact on businesses’ bottom-lines.

According to review website,, in 2020, “The average employer spends about £3,000 and 27.5 days to hire a new worker.” In other words, holding on to great team members by creating a happy culture of appreciation and respect matters, with corporate gifting presenting a joyful and savvy way of achieving just that!

Corporate Gifting For Clients

The other ultra-important relationship for any business is of course with customers! And while acquiring new clients is always good, there’s much to be gained from keeping things positive with existing ones: according to a much-cited study by Fred Reichheld of Bain & Company, increasing customer retention rates by 5% can increase profits by more than 25%. That’s down to a number of factors, including returning customers being likely to spend more than new ones, as well as referring your services to industry colleagues.

It goes without saying: it takes a lot more than a cracking corporate gift to stay in customers’ good books - but a thoughtful, personalised token of appreciation for their continued support speaks volumes, and can strengthen your relationship for that all-important return on investment.

Corporate Gifts for Any Occasion

Unlike other types of gift-giving, when it comes to corporate gifting it’s not only the thought that counts! It shouldn’t be limited to holidays, either. After all, when it comes to showing appreciation, there’s no such thing as a bad time, nor anything better than an unexpected surprise!

Page & Bloom specialise in simply exquisite paper flowers: art works in their own right, they’re just the thing to show the value of your blossoming professional relationship. That could be anything from beautiful bouquets on colleagues’ birthdays; single stems for the whole team to celebrate company anniversaries or International Women’s Day; elaborate displays to thank clients for renewed business; or to make a positive impression when reaching out to PRs and influencers.

Here’s why our gorgeous blooms make an ideal corporate gift….

A Personal Touch

Depending who they are, your lucky client or supplier may be on the receiving end of frequent corporate gifts. How, then, to make yours stand out?

Make it personal!

A great corporate gift is one that shows real thought, care and consideration on the part of the giver. Page & Bloom’s bespoke design service offers multiple ways to make your token of appreciation unique, and show the receiver how much you value your relationship. That could be incorporating yours or your clients’ logo into flowers; or even dying paper to match brand colours. Customer who loves to travel? Consider a bouquet made entirely from pre-loved maps; or for music biz contacts, choose sheet music. We've even made bouquets from recycled coffee cups for a coffee brand! Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

Pretty and Practical

Client corporate gifting is all about affirming to that new customer or supplier your positive relationship and fruitful partnership. It’s a way to give your brand an intangible edge in clients’ minds, build positive associations, and make yourself memorable.

Not just a joy to receive, Page & Bloom’s paper flowers are a real talking point, and just the thing to brighten up colleagues’ or contacts’ desks. Quite simply, they’re an altogether prettier alternative to branded mouse mats, plastic stress balls, and the like, that they’re much more likely to keep and enjoy!

Unlike real flowers, our paper blooms don’t need watering, making them an enduring reminder of your successful business relationship, as well as a practical office gift.

Social Impact

Choosing corporate gifts that do good speaks volumes about the type of company you are, and your brand values.

A social enterprise, Page & Bloom supports women who have experienced domestic abuse through fair employment. We work closely with UK domestic abuse charities who refer women to us as a stepping stone back into employment. We’re so proud to be playing a part in supporting these women rebuild their lives - and you should too!

We’re also sustainable! Because our flowers are made from upcycled, preloved paper, their footprint is significantly lower than that of real blooms in terms of water usage, air miles, and waste.

By choosing Page & Bloom for your corporate gifting, you're showing the people whose support you value most that you’re a forward-thinking company who cares.

And you can’t put a price on that!

Browse our flowers here, or contact us to discuss bespoke products for your company.

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