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Experiencing new things

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

For a special blog this month we asked guest star Adhwa* to write a blog about her experiences on our employability training programme. Over the last 6 week Adhwa has been leaning different work place skills including admin marketing and working on her CV. Over to her!

Hello, I am Adhwa Joseph. As part of my personal and emotional development training For women who have experienced abusive relationship. I was referred to Page and Bloom by my keyperson.

These are the beautiful sunflowers made by the Mums and children at the workshop.

This programme is highly promoted and I can see why. Rosie provides you with the confidence to help yourself in making you ready for employment, by assisting you with updating your CV by carrying out activities like reading orders for flowers and how to check that all the relevant information is correct before making the product and then distributing them to the customers. In order to complete these task we all worked together as a team.

I was intrigued as I haven’t done a CV in many years and I wanted to do some thing creative. Rosie made me feel very reassured and helped me to gain some of the confidence which I lacked in getting things done for myself. I have learned how to put my experience in the right context on my CV.

I have also supported others by running a workshop for women in a refuge, showing mums and their children how to make the beautiful sunflowers. I can say that I was nervous, but it went really well, thanks to team work.

I have now completed my training with Page and Bloom, now am employed, working at making some beautiful flowers with great meaning on the petals. It’s now Christmas and we are learning to make lovely Christmas baubles and autumn bouquets.

At present I am looking forward to future events.

*Not her real name

Page & Bloom's employability training programme is funded by the European Social Fund and the UK Education & Skills Funding Agency.

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