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Easter Bunny Shares Tips for a Happy Easter

It’s an honour to be a key worker at this time”

Breaking news from Page & Bloom! In an exclusive interview, the Easter Bunny has shared their reactions to Jacinda Ardern’s recent comments confirming the rabbit to be a ‘Key Worker.’ During a press conference, the Prime Minister of New Zealand sought to reassure the nation’s younger citizens that despite the global pandemic, this Easter would be business as usual.

On a Zoom call, a visibly moved Bunny said, “Frankly, I was flattered. There’s been a lot of confusion as to who’s deemed a key worker and who isn’t. That Ms. Ardern groups me with the likes of health care professionals, teachers, supermarket employees… well, it’s an honour, it really is.”

Currently amassing colourful chocolate eggs to distribute to children large and small in time for Easter, the lovable Leporidae denied stockpiling. “Look, the government’s advice is clear: don’t take more than you need. But I have a LOT of people counting on me. If I don’t get these eggs delivered, well, let’s just say I might find myself looking for another job next year.”

Renowned for their stealth, Bunny was reluctant to divulge their strategy for the eggs’ distribution. Like other food delivery services operating at this testing time, they conceded that recipients may face some delays in receiving their chocolatey treats - “But don’t worry - I will get to you!”

Anticipating disruptions to normal seasonal operations, Bunny shared several tips for enjoying what’s set to be a less-than-traditional Easter.

“It’s not the same without flowers. For us rabbits, spring flowers and bulbs are a real treat at this time of year. So instead, I’d highly recommend picking up some sustainable paper flowers from Page & Bloom. They’re not my thing - they taste sort of pulpy - but they look great.”

Easter Bunny urged all flower fans to visit to check out the social enterprise’s range of paper posies, all meticulously handmade by women rebuilding their lives in the aftermath of domestic abuse.

Concluding the interview, they said, “We all need to support each other at this time. So this year, the eggs are on me - and I’m happy the Page & Bloom team have things covered in the flower department. Those ladies really are terrific.”

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