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Helping women into work

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Our brand new training and work experience programme will help 12 women get the skills, experience and confidence to get back into work.

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As a social enterprise, Page & Bloom was set up to help women who have experienced domestic abuse to get back into work. So, as well as employing survivors in our own workforce, we are delighted to be able to offer a new programme to help women get ready for work with other employers.

Domestic abuse survivors often face additional barriers to getting a job. They may have gaps in their CV because they've had to move around or take care of children. They may have had to take lots of sickness leave or short notice absence because of the abuse. And they may need a confidence boost to be able to take the first intimidating steps back into the workplace.

With support from a grant from the European Social Fund and the Employment and Skills Funding Agency, we are starting a one year project to offer on the job training and work experience placements for women who are supported by domestic abuse services in our local area in south London. The 6 week, part time, placements, will help women learn transferable skills that will help them apply for jobs in mainstream employment, such as dealing with customers, admin and finance, event planning and more. They will also be able to do training courses to help them update workplace skills such as IT or social media.

The Page & Bloom team will help our trainees put these new skills into practice by getting involved in different parts of our business. Alongside this we will work individually with each person to help them develop their CV, apply for jobs and get ready for job interviews.

We are so excited to welcome 12 more strong, determined women into our team over the next year and are proud to provide a stepping stone for them back into the workplace.

We'll keep you updated on the project, and look forward to introducing you to some of our trainees via our blog and social media!

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