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Why Now's the Time to Switch to Paper: Corporate Flowers for Uncertain Times

From Covid-safe workplaces to future offices, Coronavirus has turned the world of work upside-down. Here’s how paper flowers play a part

Six brightly coloured paper flower displays in black cube vases. The flowers are a mix of roses and summer flowers, made from recycled book pages. Two vases are blue and purple shades, two are pink shades and two are orange and red shades.
Bright vases can cheer up meeting rooms!

Business owners have a LOT going on right now. And while flower arrangements for office receptions might not be a top priority in these uncertain times, there’s no denying that the complex ways in which Covid-19 continues to change the workplace calls for a more flexible, sustainable approach to corporate decor.

While many of us have been heading into work as usual throughout the pandemic (remember: free delivery for key workers!), millions of others have been furloughed, made redundant, or forced to work from home. Beyond the myriad implications for individuals, companies have had to balance the unprecedented low occupancy of their physical spaces with the operational challenges of maintaining them. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg: when home workers can finally dust off their key cards, gather around the water cooler, and return to the office, there’ll be new challenges too: creating a safe, positive environment to instil workplace confidence in all-important personnel.

Looking beyond its immediate impact, the Corona crisis may well have proffered a glimpse towards the future of work, and shown that a flexible approach to physical attendance is entirely possible. How, then, can companies and corporates build future flexibility into other elements of the workplace in a way that is cost-effective, sustainable, and above all, adaptable?

Office paper flowers might seem an unlikely starting point for creating resilient, sustainable workplaces. But as corporate eco florists to some of the UK’s most innovative organisations, we’ve seen firsthand the positive impact our recycled bouquets and plants bring to any office - and not just during a pandemic! Read on to discover how paper corporate flowers from Page & Bloom are much more than just a gorgeous green office design idea - they also speak volumes about your business.

1. Cost (Cut Budgets for Cut Flowers!)

Whether due to a slowing of business or out of an abundance of caution, budget cuts have become a depressing reality for lots of companies this year. Although a comparatively small overhead to consider, that weekly fresh flower delivery to a now seldom-visited lobby or barely used conference room really does add up! At the same time, maintaining an attractive workplace for those colleagues who are coming to the office - not to mention customers - has never felt more important. After all, appearances matter! Office flowers that don't need sunlight or water, paper blooms make an attractive alternative to the real deal that won’t need replacing. They can also be completely customised to reflect a particular season, brand emblem or colour - without the financial and environmental costs of imported flowers.

Large white vase containing paper flowers in shades of orange, red, copper and brown. Behind the large vase is a row of smaller cube displays in matching colours.
Celebrate each season with paper flowers

2. Safety First

Let’s face it: keeping workplaces Covid-safe will be a priority for all companies for the foreseeable. Regardless of whether your office has seen business as usual from the get-go, or is being used by only a skeleton staff, keeping tabs on who’s coming in and out helps all of us manage risk. The same goes for contractors who may work across multiple sites, such as traditional florists. Unlike real ones, paper flowers don’t need to be replaced each week, thereby reducing contact exposure. Depending on their experience of lockdown, teams may feel anxious about returning to the workplace. In addition to things like facilitating social distancing, providing plenty of hand sanitiser, and keeping spaces well-ventilated, limiting the number of people coming and going reassures staff that their safety is top priority. Switching to paper corporate flower arrangements is one small way to do just that.

3. Create an Attractive, Creative Space

For better or worse, thanks to the pandemic working from home has gone mainstream. And although time away from the office has helped crystallise what’s not so good about physically going to work - things like commutes, presenteeism, and distractions - much more than that, it's got us looking ahead to the positives! Guess what? They're nothing to do with work. Rather, it’s the prospect of having a new place to go to that isn’t home; opportunities for social interactions and exchange; and the spontaneity that’s sparked by being around other people.

Three woman stand under an arch of paper flowers.
Paper flowers can provide a focal point for events

To ease the back-to-work transition, then, companies should focus on those office elements that help create precisely that environment: welcoming break areas, for example, healthy kitchens - and office decor that oozes positivity! Because our beautiful paper flowers are made from upcycled books, they’re conversation-starters in their own right - alternatively, go bespoke by incorporating any of your business’ own paper materials, otherwise destined for the recycling bin. Available in any and every colour imaginable, they give workspaces a bright and beautiful lift, and a unique edge to reinforce all the good things about working together again.

Be inspired by some of the gorgeous paper flower displays we’ve made for previous clients.

4. A Truly Social Enterprise

Beyond helping to create an attractive, reassuring physical space for colleagues, our office paper flowers are a reminder of all the great things that can happen when we work as a community. As a social enterprise, we support women who have experienced domestic abuse through fair employment, paid work experience, and training programmes. Throughout the pandemic, we've continued to work closely with several women's refuges across London, and have seen firsthand the crucial role they’ve played in keeping women’s lives together - at a time when so many of us have been apart. Their ongoing importance cannot be underestimated: did you know that during the UK's first seven weeks of lockdown, a domestic abuse call was made to police every 30 seconds?

Covid-19 has confined people to their homes, isolated them, and normalised working alone. Our paper flower displays for office receptions, conference rooms, and rest areas are a physical reminder to staff that we really are better together - it's literally at the heart of what we do! Reinforce the message through playful office decor - or why not get in touch about a paper flower-making workshop once restrictions are lifted? Relaxing, creative, and hands-on, it’s an ideal team-building activity!

A floral gift bag, containing paper flowers in shades of pink and cream.
Paper flower gift bags made ideal thank yous!

5. Say Thank You!

Now more than ever, the most valuable resource of any company is its people. If your team have been putting in the hours under the most trying of circumstances, if they’ve grappled with new technology to keep things ticking along, or changed their home life just to get the job done, say thank you with a meaningful gift they'll actually want. That could be a pretty paper succulent on everyone’s desk for when your workplace can safely reopen (finally - an office plant that won't die!); or choose paper flower online delivery for sending stems and bouquets to remote-based teams.

Saying thank you with a sustainable corporate gift also goes for superstar suppliers who’ve kept you connected in this challenging time, or clients whose support has been invaluable. Flowers can be completely customised to reflect your brand, and can even incorporate paper packaging, flyers or posters for a truly bespoke touch. Low-maintenance, high impact, and totally unique, they're just the thing to keep your business relationships blossoming!

6. Sustainable, Ethical, Better

“That feel-good factor isn’t only enjoyed by our staff, but also our clients, some of whom initially have no idea what a social enterprise is. Companies are realising social value helps with staff retention, recruitment, sales and marketing - every element of their business. It’s a win-win.” For Matt Wilson, CEO of Fuse Events, incorporating social enterprises like Page & Bloom into corporate supply chains is a no-brainer. Quite simply, choosing to spend any part of your budget on a supplier that gives back speaks volumes about your brand values. With corporate flower arrangements from Page & Bloom, that means one of the most visible, eye-catching and colourful elements of your workplace is also communicating an important message. That’s not just that your business is actively supporting women survivors of domestic abuse in rebuilding their lives, it's also about the environment. Unlike real blooms, our recycled flowers made from preloved books, maps, marketing materials and more divert reams and reams of paper from landfill every single year. They don’t require a drop of water, and never need replacing. Even better, because our talented team can craft just about any flower you can think of, you can enjoy the display of your dreams without having to factor in the environmental cost of out-of-season or exotic blooms. Quite simply, green office design has never been so colourful!

Final Thoughts

In uncertain times, switching to paper flower workplace displays can be a smart move for companies and corporates. Because they don't need replacing, they're an economical option during times of low office occupancy - that doesn't compromise on the attractiveness of the workplace. By eliminating the need for weekly delivery of fresh flowers, they’re also one small way to help keep offices Covid-secure. For colleagues who have no option but to travel for work, and looking ahead to when we can all get back to the office with confidence, that’s crucial: a productive, happy team is one that feels cared for, respected and safe.

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced a flexibility many of us never thought possible. And although full-time home working has likely challenged us all from time to time, it’s also opened up timely discussions as to the future of the workplace. While the jury’s still firmly out as to what that might entail, our personal prediction is that hybridised attendance will become increasingly commonplace. A boon for those of us juggling childcare, or whose work scope sometimes demands a switch-up of environment, it calls for flexibility in how firms’ physical spaces are run. Because paper flowers are sustainable in every sense, they make a great starting point for creating adaptable offices that work for everyone.

For lots of workplaces, office reception flower displays are the very first things colleagues, clients and visitors will see. Non-traditional bouquets like ours aren’t just visually striking, they also speak volumes about your brand values. During the pandemic, victims of domestic abuse have been particularly at risk; for some, staying at home has been far from safe. As a social enterprise florist that works closely with women’s refuges, we’re thrilled to see how much our flowers inspire - be that at corporate events, as workshop centrepieces, or just as bloomin’ beautiful office decor. You don’t have to take only our word for it - have a read of these client testimonials.

If you'd like to talk corporate paper flowers we’re all ears! Get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

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